Friday, May 28, 2010

AcomData PureDrive 1TB USB And External Hard Drive

USB, Universal Serial Bus, is a popular hardware interface that lets you connect external hardware device to your PC or laptop. Today every PC comes with USB ports. USB drive is the easiest way to store information. It comes with different storage capacities and designs. Selection of pen drive is based on amount of storage capacity you want and if you require to store large data then, AcomData's 1TB puredrive USB is best for you.

AcomData PureDrive 1TB eSATA External Hard Drive:
AcomData pureDrive is the perfect solution for those who want pure, high-performance data storage. This USB is convenient to store all your tunes, pics, flicks and all of your other digital files in one compact, portable package. It is a perfect solution for high-end graphics, video, photos, music and more. Get this high storage USB at just $89.99.

AcomData PureDrive 1TB USBLook at some salient features of AcomData 1TB USB:

* This has 1TB or 1,000GB capacity that is enough to hold everything from photos, music, desktop publishing backup files and more.

* With Hi-speed USB 2.0 you can transfer data at blazing fast speeds up to 480Mbps.

* eSATA for a transfer rate up to 1.5Gbps.

* This comes with vertical or horizontal design with adhesive rubber feet and a slide-on stand.

* You need to turn the drive on only when you want to use it so helps to save electricity and comes with convenient On/Off switch.

* It has a Plug-and-play setup and is Mac and Windows compatible.

* It dissipates heat so efficiently that it doesn't need a fan and has near-silent operation.

* It provides security feature and comes with secure lock slot that lets you physically secure your drive to prevent from theft.

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