Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Patriotic Costumes!

4th of July is just around the corner and Americans everywhere are getting in on patriotic spirit. It's a proud day to show off Americana pride. One of the best ways to get in on patriotism and present true colors to world is by wearing 4th of July costumes. Yes, you read it right! Costumes are not just for Halloween; there is huge range of patriotic costumes also, that makes perfect addition to any occasion celebrating America.

Show everyone that you're proud to be an American by wearing patriotic costumes in red, white and blue. These costumes make perfect outfits for any July 4th themed party or patriotic holiday celebrations. From Independence Day to President's Day, patriotic costumes fit well. Two most popular styles are Uncle Sam costume and Statue of Liberty costume. Not just on July 4th, these costumes can be worn all year round for parades, parties, grand openings and Americana celebrations.

Check out some 4th of July costume deals from Costume Super Center:

Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume:
All guys! Get ready to march in the perfect costume of the year. Whether you're attending parade or Fourth of July party, you can't go wrong with this Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume! This costume will let everyone know that you're a true patriot. It includes a pair of red and white striped pants, white shirt with attached red and white striped bow tie, royal blue coat with tails, and stars and stripes top hat. Add Uncle Sam Beard to complete your look.
Patriotic Uncle Sam Costume

Lady Liberty Adult Costume:
Freedom reigns this 4th of July when you don this stunning Lady Liberty Adult costume. This iconic costume features a soft light green tunic having flared sleeves and attached sash which is a perfect representation of liberating landmark itself. Costume also includes headpiece fashioned after the same one that everyone associates with the Hudson River Statue. Carry the torch for America and add the Statue of Liberty's famous torch!
Lady Liberty Adult Costume

Sexy Firecracker Costume Adult:
Show your patriotism, along with a little leg, in this Sexy Firecracker Costume. This sleek and sexy outfit is perfect for marching parade down Main Street on Independence Day. Costume includes a red, white and blue mini dress with white corset top, layered skirt, attached apron and headband having a cute red, white and blue bow.
Sexy Firecracker Costume Adult

This 4th of July, don patriotic costumes and be a true patriot. At Costume Super Center you can shop patriotic adult costumes and kids costumes. Store also carries all the accessories you need for these costumes such as beards, glasses, wigs, hats and shoes.

You can also create your own patriotic costume by using masks as store carries masks of different political figures like President Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton and many others. You can simply wear a mask and a suit instead of wearing a costume. Shop while saving some dollars with Costume Super Center coupons available at

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today is February 14 and we are celebrating Lovers' Day. Yes, Valentine's Day is spreading the fragrance of love all around. So, you too shower your unconditional love on your beloved and let him/her feel extra special!

Have a romantic day full of great surprises. wishes you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Enhance home decor with beautiful Art Glass Sculptures!

If sophistication and class is what you are searching for to decorate your home, then art glass sculptures are the best choice. Art glass sculptures are elegant and brighten up home decor. Glass art sculpture is best way to enhance any type of decor as it fills home with a unique style and charm that nothing else can do. These make excellent centerpieces and mantel displays that can be used to decorate any room of the house.

If you like art glass or love painting, then you'll definitely like to add this unique item to your home decor. Art glass sculptures can be a great gift, art piece or decor item for your home or office. Art glass sculptures are made of clear glass with lots of designs, shapes and patterns. Some popular types of glass sculpture include blown glass, cast glass and cold worked glass. Whatever way the glass sculpture is crafted, one thing is sure that it will add a class touch to your room.

Check out some hot picks from ArtfulHome:

Peacock Sculpture:
Part of the artist's "Birds" series, this sculpture is blown using switched axis incalmo, hot sculpted with steel and granite base. Each is unique. Colors and pattern will vary slightly from image shown. 

Peacock Sculpture

Standing Gold Ruby Sculpture:
Hand formed gold ruby sculptural paperweight with minute bubbles nestled on a layer of silver glass and cased in clear.
Standing Gold Ruby Sculpture

3 Cup Serpenti:
Warm colors mix in these blown glass incalmo sculptures, part of artist's "Serpenti" series, that rise over three feet high. Each unique, height will range from 39-45"H.
3 Cup Serpenti

Art glass sculptures are modern and beautiful pieces for home decor that are sure to steal your heart away in a price range that you can afford. For affordable art glass sculptures head over to ArtfulHome. Store carries a huge collection of art glass decor items that are hand-crafted by renowned artists from around the world. While shopping from this store don't forget to check out ArtfulHome coupon, available at for savvy shopping.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

Clocks around the world are ticking for the final hours to Welcome New Year. It's an occasion to greet fresh year while bidding good bye to the gone time. New Year Eve is a time to welcome New Year while giving a nice farewell to year 2010 by revitalizing all those beautiful memories that you enjoyed. So, get ready to relive those moments with friends and family as New Year night is here. Wish everyone a Very Happy New Year with a BIG HUG and a nice gift that will be cherished for years. wishes all its visitors a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

We Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations in world. It's that auspicious day when Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born to Mother Mary. Christmas evokes the message of love, humanity and brotherhood and reminds everyone about the message of Christ. Christmas is most special time of the year with shopping lists, children singing Jingle Bells, colored lights, falling snow, parties and much more.

Christmas celebration includes decorating homes with red and white themes. Christmas celebrations are considered incomplete without decorating Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration on Christmas Eve is considered to be an integral part of Christmas celebrations. 

Another important aspect of Christmas celebration is gift giving. People exchange beautiful Christmas gifts wishing each other Merry Christmas. Besides these, vacation packages also play an important role in celebrating the occasion of Christmas with great fun.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas shopping and now it's time to enjoy the biggest Christmas night. May Santa gets you the best gifts, may you be surrounded by loved ones and have the time to build memories that will last a lifetime. May your heart overflow with fun and laughter. Have a blasting Christmas. wishes you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Artist-made Mirror: Artful home decor item

Mirrors are an integral part of home decor as they help in enhancing interior of rooms especially smaller rooms. Large decorative mirrors can do wonders for a small living space. They reflect light and colors, making a room appear larger and much more spacious. The area of room decorated with mirror becomes center of attraction. Thus, mirror is a home accent with both functional as well as decorative use.

Mirrors have been used for centuries to enhance home decor and with the passage of time, they have seen a tremendous change in designs and styles. These days, decorative wall mirrors are available that will enhance the beauty of any modernized home. If you're an artistic kind of person and want to accent your room with some artful mirrors, then you can do this with Artist-made mirrors. Yes, these days, there are lots of artists indulging in making home mirrors that help to enhance home decor in an artistic way. These home made mirrors are known for depicting the true side of person.

Artist-made mirrors reflect much more than an image. They contain the vision and creativity of an artist. These home made mirrors are available in glass, wood, metal, or ceramic. Like paintings, artist made mirrors reflect different themes reprsenting nature, love, flowers, trees, animals, abstract designs and other whimsical patterns.

Let's have a look at some beautiful hand made mirrors:

Trinity Art Glass Mirror: Fused glass mirror made of translucent glass and colored design elements. 

Trinity Art Glass Mirror

TerracedOne Art Glass Mirror: Hand cut glass pieces are precisely assembled in two layers to create this exquisite glass mosaic. The wavy edges of sheets of hand rolled glass are used to finish mosaics top layer, giving unique character to each framed work.
TerracedOne Art Glass Mirror

Mirror number 5: Dan Pohl's turned spindles, set in an array of jewel colors, compose unique frame around this mirror. The frames are made of layered clear white pine, carved, with hand-turned spindles of poplar, painted, stained and fantasy grained. Frame can be hung vertically or horizontally.
artist made Mirror

Pop Art Mirror: Recycled soda cans, hand-cut and nailed to a wooden frame, get a new start in this sparkling mirror.
Pop Art Mirror

These art pieces make a wonderful home decor item. So, if you're looking to revitalize home decor then, do it with these beautiful hand made mirrors. These mirrors will surely give that artistic touch to home.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home artist made mirrors from famous store Artful Home. Store features all kinds of art glass items, modern furniture, art jewelry and other home made items. While placing an order from this store make use of Artful Home coupon, available at to save additional bucks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Angels Spread Wings in 2010 Fashion Show

Undoubtedly, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 is today’s most talked-about topic. World famous models flaunted their curves in luxurious lingerie and magical wings as Victoria’s Secret brand is famous for its trademark “Angel Wings”. Sexy and gorgeous models walked Victoria’s Secret 2010 Fashion Show runway on Wednesday (November 10) in New York City and set the stage on fire with their brilliant performances.

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio walked the runway wearing those iconic enormous Angel Wings. She sizzled in giant zebra-striped wings, ruffles and lavender bra as well as sexy corset and barely-there underwear. Alessandra Ambrosio Victorias Secret look was really breathtaking and real treat for her fans. Read more>>
Victoria’s Secret Angels Wings 2010 Show

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frightful Halloween decorations for Spooktacular day!

All of us are counting the days left in Halloween. It's going to be really fun with spooky Halloween costumes and frightful Halloween treats at Halloween party. Wait.. No Halloween is complete without spooky home decorations. So, if you haven't yet decorated your home then, it's time to go for Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations play an important role in setting proper creepy atmosphere for this spooktacular night.

Around Halloween, there are plenty of decor items available like ghosts, witches, zombies and creepy props such as Halloween skeletons, spider webs, door covers that feature bones and wicked monsters, scary wall hangings and any type of window and wall clings with realistic pictures of Halloween horror scenes. Creepy candles can also be used to create that required Halloween atmosphere. Spooky candle holders topped by skulls with some short, fat candles on top or candle holders made to resemble witch's hand are must-have to set up the theme for Halloween party. Hanging skulls, light-up Halloween signs, scarecrows and other scary hangings and eerie centerpieces all add to the effect of spookiness.

Light-up Halloween Signs: These Halloween signs are great for windows and ideal for placing in a protected area by door. These haunting wooden signs light up and light changes color as if by magic.

Lighted Halloween Signs

Hanging Skull Cauldron: Turn your home into a dungeon sure to send shivers up the spines of unsuspecting treaters and ghoulish guests. This 3-sided hanging skull bowl is made of molded styrofoam and lined with black felt.
Hanging Skull Cauldron

Witch's Handleabra: This decorator accent rates a high creep factor scale. Ceramic witch's hand is missing 4 of her fingers, which you'll replace with 4 finger-shaped candles that "bleed" red and green wax as they burn. Each candle is tipped with a long, black fingernail and rests solidly in a brass candle cup.
halloween candle holder

Wicked Witch with Light-Up Eyes: At almost 6-ft. tall, she's a fright to behold, from tip of burlap hat to hem of tattered gauze gown. This witch has incredibly detailed PVC head and hands, LED eyes that glow bright red.
Wicked Witch Light-Up Eyes

Whichever decor items you choose, just see that they must up the scare factor for your guests. The best way to shop Halloween decor items is through online shopping and for that you just need to visit Lillian Vernon store. Store is full of Halloween decoration items for outdoor as well as indoor. Lillian Vernon offers outdoor Halloween decor including traditional favorites like black cats and skeletons to go along with newer decorations like cemetery gateway or talking. No matter what level of spookiness you have in mind, Lillian Vernon's collection of Halloween outdoor decor is certain to help make it so. Browse all indoor Halloween decorations and outdoor Halloween decorations and get ready for Halloween parties and festivities. Stay savvy while shopping from this store with Lillian Vernon coupons.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dog Halloween Costumes: Spooky Pet's Fashion

Leaves have finally turned yellow and it's almost the time for witching hour of Halloween. Hey! Have you thought of what your beloved pet will be doing alone while you are enjoying Halloween party? If not, then it's time to think. Don't leave your dog alone at home this Halloween instead get him or her a dog Halloween costume and take along with you on Halloween party. Dog Halloween costumes will add that extra special touch to your Halloween night. Believe it, Halloween is even more fun when you include your pooch in celebrations.

Dog Halloween Costumes are a great way to let your favorite pets join in halloween theme with you and your friends. For dog lovers, Halloween can be much more than just taking kids for trick or treat as they can add more fun by dressing up their pooch and taking pictures. It will be really fun to cherish those  moments and kids or neighbors will get a kick out of it too. So, take your Halloween fun to next level by allowing your four-legged children to be a part of it with Pooch Halloween costumes. Have a look at some best picks:

Wonder Woman Dog: She knows how to sit, speak and fetch. What else is required for he to be a wonder dog? Nothing more, just this costume. Make your favorite four legged girl your favorite superhero Wonder Woman in this Wonder Woman dog costume. Costume includes tiara, cape and front has arms and legs to give the illusion of a human being.

Fireman Dog: Now your dog will have more than one use for fire hydrants in your area in this Fireman Dog costume. Your pooch will look poochie in this costume.

Fireman Dog Halloween costume

Devil Dog: Does your dog know the words are coming, even before he or she hears "Bad Dog!" Show off little mischief maker with this Devil Dog costume. Costume comes with a cape, collar, and hat.

Devil Dog Halloween costume

Skeleton Dog: Give a dog a bone? How about a whole skeleton? This Skeleton Dog costume attaches around the neck and goes over the front legs.

Skeleton Dog Halloween costume

There is a huge variety in pet Halloween costumes these days. You can dress up your dog in any of story book character, super hero costume or other kinds of spooky dog costumes. This Halloween choose from wonder woman dog costume, fireman costume, devil dog Halloween costume or skeleton dog Halloween costume.

Halloween Costume for dog will definitely bring them all of the attention they need. And as a proud owner, you'll get some attention and compliments too. You can buy these and many more pet Halloween costumes from famous Halloween store- Halloween Mart. Store offers huge collection of costumes for all sizes and breeds of dogs. So, hurry for best selection and don't forget to use Halloween Mart coupon, available at to save additional bucks on your order.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Add beauty to your home with Floor Lamps

If you are thinking about updating the look of a room then you must consider, most overlooked factor i.e Lighting. While decorating home, lighting is one of the most effective way to give new look to room. Proper illumination adds to allure of your personal space setting good mood and soothing environment. Floor lamp is the best way to update any room. Unlike table lamps, floor lamps are taller in size. Floor lamps add a special feel and touch to a room that no paint or furniture could ever do.

Floor lamps are a great addition to living room or bedroom adding an artistic modern touch to these areas. They can also be placed behind a couch or chair as they help extend the room or you can fill an empty space of room as they will make that neglected corner sparkle with true class and sophistication. Floor lamps come in various designs, sizes and shapes to match almost every taste and home decor. From antique floor lamps to modern classy floor lamps, there are lamps that will match your decor. Whichever one you opt for, it will surely add special elegance and grace to room.

Woven Veneer Floor Lamp: Illumination with style. An intricate basketweave shade creates a unique display of light. It comes with powder-coated iron base, convenient step-on switch and woven medium density fiberboard shade with ash veneer shade.

Woven Veneer Floor Lamp

Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp: Adjustable design focuses light wherever you need it most. It comes with rot iron base that is adjustable and on-socket pull cords for switching on and off.

Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

Rectangle Wood Floor Lamp: This rectangular shaped floor lamp is designed to fill well in modern home decor. Modern geometry, cast in a striking new light will add a lightening effect to the room.

Rectangle Wood Floor Lamp

Bring home lighting that not only fits in but enhances your home decor. These floor lamps have nowadays become necessity for every household. Check out these floor lamps at At this store there is huge collection of home lighting including table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps and sconces. For a savvy shopping, make use of West Elm coupon, available at

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unique Art Glass Vases: Bring classy touch to any room

Decorative flower vases are popular items in home decor. Flowers when displayed in beautiful vases can bring color and zest to any room. They can even change most drab room to fab room. Flower vases are available in various shapes and patterns and thus can make any area look elegant. There are various types of vases available these days such as glass vases, crystal vases and other flower vases made of ceramic and clay. Out of these, glass vases are best to bring a touch of class to any room. Although clear glass vases are perfect addition to home decor but if someone wants to add artistic touch to room then, Art glass vases are best.

Art glass vases are example of some of most beautiful works of art made out of glass. These vases are made in different styles, designs and shapes such as square, circle, cylinder, and many other unusual shapes. Thus, there are many options to choose from so, select according to your taste and theme of home decor. Art glass vases not only gives royal look to a room but can act as wonderful gift option as well. Yes, as they are available in so many shapes, one can choose heart shape vase and gift it to loved one.
Landscape Series Flat Vase Blue: This vase is hand blown using glass powders and chips for background. Flowers are glass murrini that are created by the artist. Murrini pieces are then put into floral compositions, sometimes known as millefiori, then picked up hot onto the glass background. After the murrini have been fused to the surface a layer of clear is added and the piece is blown into the final shape. The floral compositions shown will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the murrinis. Each side of the vase features its own floral composition, with two layers of flowers, adding to depth of piece.

Landscape Art glass Vase

Transparent Banded Vortex Vase: A flattened vase with 3 distinct bands, the middle being a swirl of colors, the top and bottom solid colors. This transparent vase will complement most of home decor themes.

Transparent Vortex art glass Vase

Atlantis Emperor Bowl: An abstract expressionist painting in glass inspired by underwater views, and reminiscent of Monet. A glass vessel blown off pipe, each piece is truly unique.

Atlantis Emperor glass vase

Optic Rib Flat Lime Turquoise Cranberry: Blown Glass with a multicolored, swirled, swagged and twisted pattern. Flattened profile fits neatly on narrow surfaces. This glass vase will add a touch of class to your room.

Optic art glass vase

Art glass vase can also be used as a centerpiece for table on any occasion. Thus, glass vase is a multipurpose item as it can be used in home decor, as a gift or a table centerpiece. So, buying art glass vases becomes must. Check out beautiful art glass vases from Artful Home store. Art glass vases dance in light, given form by careful talent of today's finest American artists. Explore an incredible selection of art glass vases and vessels, each the result of an artist's unique vision, at For a savvy online shopping make use of Artful Home coupon, available at

Friday, August 13, 2010

Unique Novelties & Collectibles from Collections Etc!

Collecting items is a fascinating hobby or passion for many people. When it comes to collection it can be anything from antiques to collectibles, esoterica to gadgets, tools to executive toys. Novelty items may not always have a practical use but are nice to have around. The word "novelty" means new or unusual–the more unusual the item, the better it is. Collect them, use them or gift them. Novelty items are unique and fun, they are little things that make life colorful. Antique collectibles are most common things people love collecting as they add sparkle and elegance to any room. Thus, decorating rooms with beautiful collectibles is a good idea.

Whether you’re just starting or are a long-time collector, you'll be inspired and entertained by large selection of collectibles and novelty items at Collections Etc store. It is always preferable to go for online shopping when looking for collectible items as you'll find a large range of good products at online stores rather than in-stores.

Let's check out some collectible & novelty items from Collections Etc store:

Lighted Scarecrows: Greet company and make trick-or-treaters feel right at home with these Sleepy Hollow style scarecrows for display indoors or on a covered porch. Their pumpkin faces light up, and clothes are amusingly detailed with leaves & twigs poking out.

Lighted ScarecrowsBending Over Frog Statue: Let your guests know that you are bending over backward to give them a special greeting. Perfect for giving company a hearty chuckle when they visit, this croaking contortionist with "welcome" written on seat of his pants makes a terrific addition to your front porch.

Bending Over Frog StatueHippie Frog Statue: Spread peace and love all around your neighborhood. Far-out frog is sure to spark plenty of nostalgic memories for everyone who ever heard of a "love-in." Crafted of hand-painted resin, this adorable hippie with guitar is perched on a toadstool.

Hippie Frog StatueButtercup Fairy Statue: Add a touch of magic to your garden with this delightful fairy. Crafted of polyresin and trimmed with metal wings, she brings a graceful elegance atop a rock, table, stairstep or plantstand.

Buttercup Fairy Statue
So, visit this store and add some antique collectibles and novelties to your collection. While placing an order from this store, don't forget to use Collections Etc promotion code, available at to save additional bucks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hurricane Set: Exquisite Centerpiece for Special events

Table centerpieces are an important part of decoration and make a statement about occasion that they are used in. They set a very nice theme for any party, reception or event. There are many types of centerpieces available but when it comes to table centerpieces for special events, Hurricane sets make a good presentation. This centerpiece is globe shaped and includes candles to create a romantic atmosphere around. Hurricane candle holders as table centerpiece, set mood and ambiance for enjoying yummy food.

Hurricane Sets are used for decorating many holiday outings and other special events. These sets are quite striking, particularly when filled with exquisite candles. Best thing about these centerpieces is that one can easily match them with party theme. If it's a Christmas party, just fill it with snowflakes or small red white balls, if it's Valentine's day then, red heart shaped crystals in vase will give an astonishing look.

Use hurricane globes with candles to create a variety of centerpieces for holidays or other special events. Hurricane globes used with candles of assorted sizes can give a different look to your centerpiece. Combine hurricane sets with flowers, scatters, glittering stones, beads and other embellishments to give centerpiece an extra decorative and new touch.

Below are some alluring deals of Hurricane sets:

Summer Hurricane Sets: Start with one of seasonal sets, then add new scatters all year-round to reflect your mood and season. Summer sets include new bright "fruit" wedges, summer fun icons, or floral scatters.

Summer Hurricane SetsGlass Hurricane: Thick, weighty, clear design is perfect for a pillar candle or a bouquet. Add sparkle to any room with this glass hurricane. You can add scatters as they make an instant seasonal display.

Glass HurricaneCheerful Holiday Hurricane Set: Set the stage for fun and festive holiday decorating with this hurricane set. This set features mouthblown glass hurricane, a clear design perfect for a pillar candle or floral bouquet. Plus, your choice of 12 glass scatters in either the "Ho Ho Ho" or Santa clothes style and a FREE 3" x 6" red pillar candle.

Cheerful Holiday Hurricane SetEaster Mini Hurricane Set: This Easter set is sure to delight all. Includes everything you need to create a stunning centerpiece or display. Mini set features our mini 7" hurricane, a smaller version of our must-have large glass hurricane, and includes a 3" x 3" pink pillar candle and a set of 12 pastel egg scatters.

Easter Mini Hurricane Set
Table decoration is one of the highlights of every event so make it dazzling with exquisite hurricane centerpiece set. If you are looking for perfect centerpiece then, visit Lillian Vernon store and grab some amazing centerpiece sets for your special events. Don't forget to make use of Lillian Vernon promotional code, available at to save additional bucks on online deals.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July: Be Proud To Be An AMERICAN

Happy 4th of July
Hi friends, tomorrow is 4th July, the day of Proud, Celebration and Enjoyment for We Americans. Fourth of July is also known as Independence Day of America and that's why Americans celebrate this day in honor of United States of America. On 4th July 1776, declaration of Independence was approved by Continental Congress. People celebrate this day by wishing and sending patriotic gifts to each other.

Patriotic gifts, patriotic jewelry, patriotic clothes, patriotic decor items, and patriotic food are the main highlights of this special day. 4th of July is an official holiday and everyone spend this day with great food, and having fun with dear ones. 4th of July make a perfect reason to gather with loved ones. People enjoy this day with family members and friends by hosting festive July 4th parties and barbecues.

Happy 4th of July
4th of July has become synonymous with picnic, barbecue, outdoor cooking, and summer fun. It is the most important event that most Americans look forward to. Be it a teenager, kid, or old one, everyone want to be a part of this special occasion. Americans jazz up their homes with alluring and exciting patriotic home decor items. Every year, people start their decorations with an American flag flying proudly in front of their house.

On this day you can see each and every American house deck with shimmering and stunning Red, White and Blue theme. Not only decorations, even clothing, jewelry, shoes worn by Americans on July 4th also reflects colors and designs of Flag. People never forget to watch spectacular displays of firework because it speaks volume about how people feel proud about this special day.

Happy 4th of July
Hey!! Are you ready to go with your friends and family members to watch fireworks on Fourth of July? If yes, then make sure that everyone knows about fireworks safety. Fireworks are a great source of fun for all ages but at same time they are dangerous too. Knowing what are safety rules for playing with them will ensure a safe and happy holiday for everyone. Hey!! Have a blast on 4th of July... Wishes You All Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Women's Patriotic Clothing for 4th of July Celebrations

Patriotic clothing is the perfect way to show your American pride. They are must have for parties to celebrate three big patriotic holidays of summer- Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. However, wearing patriotic clothes or sporting red, white and blue patriotic apparel is not limited to these days, any day is a great day to show your American pride.

There are variety of patriotic clothes available in market like Americana shirts, patriotic shorts, patriotic pants, dresses and many more that will fit your style. They illustrate your loyalty to the country in a very effective way. Patriotic clothing among kids and women is more demanding and popular. Check out some picks of Women's patriotic clothing:

Women's Patriotic Americana Shirt: This red, white and blue batik patterned top overlaid with a cavalcade of stars and stripes glittering here-and-there with sequins is perfect for holiday barbecues or for marching down main Street.

Women's Patriotic Americana ShirtPatriotic Fireworks Shirt and Capri Set: Ignite fashion fireworks with this 2-pc. capri pants and top ensemble. This navy short-sleeve scoop neck top features a sparkling firework screen print. It looks more beautiful over classic white elastic waist capri.

Patriotic Shirt and Capri SetPatriotic Stars and Stripes Women's Top and Pants: This 2-pc. Capri pant set makes a proud fashion statement at parties, yet is comfortable enough for lounging around at home. Red scoop neck top and navy blue elastic waist capri pant feature embroidered stars.

Patriotic Women Top and Pants
You will surely find one that fits your style. And if you can't find the design you are looking for, then you can design your own patriotic clothes. Take an ordinary white t-shirt and transform it into a shirt bursting with American pride with red, white and blue fabric colors. Use your own imagination and create customized patriotic clothes.

Buy these Americana shirts and pants from Collections Etc store. Visit and browse all Americana clothing along with 4th of july decor items. Take advantage of Collections Etc Promotion Code, available at for discounts while placing an order from this store.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fashion Wig: Change your image in Seconds

From big celebrities to sexy models and ordinary women, everyone faces hair problems. It is true that everyone is not blessed with lustrous and gorgeous hair. If you wish to have better hair, then there is a good news for you. Now, you can get rid of bad hair day by using a fashion wig. A wig is one of the most important fashion accessories that ensure you are looking stunning. Wigs are not just for Halloween anymore, now they are used for fashion and for function.

Got a big date or want to look stunning for next biggest event? Well, there is no need to worry. Just pick a fashion wig according to your face style and hair color, and you are all set for your most awaited event. Wigs are made of synthetic as well as real human hair. Synthetic wigs are more cheaper and widely available than human hair wigs. You can see these fashion wigs on every celebrity's head. Wigs are well designed and can be worn for whole day.

Have A Look:-

Claire Synthetic Wig by Noriko:

Claire by Noriko is a medium length wig with smooth blended layers. Layers are textured at tips and flipped at collar for added movement. Medium TP Wiglet by Amore is a topper that can be worn as a highlighter or filler. This extension hairpiece covers top of head from fringe to crown area.

Claire Synthetic Wig by Noriko
Hilary by Henry Margu:

Spice up your look with this stylish wig. Hilary is a beautiful shoulder-length wig from Henry Margu. This popular wig features full body loose curls and a monofilament part for a natural, realistic look.

Hilary by Henry Margu
Miranda Monofilament Wig by Amore:

Miranda is a gorgeous, long wig from Amore Collection. A precisely layered cut with a feathery fringe creates glamorous volume. Monofilmanet top construction allows for easy styling and a natural looking scalp area.

Miranda Monofilament Wig by Amore
Nicole Monofilament Wig by Amore:

Add style to your overall personality. Nicole by Amore features soft smooth curls that add exceptional flair to this sophisticated bob. Monofilament top offers ultimate in styling versatility and a realistic scalp area.

Nicole Monofilament Wig by Amore
Tiffany 3/4 Hairpiece by Rene of Paris:

It is beautiful design with ringlet curls that give you flexibility to achieve different looks. It offers a quick and easy way to add length, curl and volume! Rene of Paris 3/4 Falls offer easy fix to problem hair. Simply make a part from ear to ear and comb this hair forward, attach front comb at part, pull piece around your head and secure other comb at your nape.

Tiffany 3/4 Hairpiece by Rene of Paris
These days, Hollywood celebrities, models, TV stars, and Rock stars rocking different color wigs to big parties, photo-shoots and red carpet events. You can find wigs in long as well as short hair. With these fashion wigs, you can always have latest color and highlights on your head. Use Blonde color wig for your evening party and when get bored with it then wear Red color wig for your night party. These wigs are available in many colors, styles, length and price tags etc.

Selection of wig depends on your face shape, hair color and of course, occasion. If you want to hide hair loss or just want to experiment with different hair styles, then visit Voguewigs store. Make use of Voguewigs Coupon Code for getting more discounts on your purchase.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Prom Theme Kit: Create an Amazing setting for your Prom

Prom night is the most awaited night of every student. If you are a member of prom committee, then it is your job to select a killer prom theme. Theme selection will also show your creativity as well as hard work. Main motive of prom party is to have fun and enjoyment with seniors and friends, so select a theme which is liked by all. Selecting right prom theme is the most important part of prom planning process.

Whether your Prom party is in a banquet hall or school auditorium, you can transform any space into a dream setting within budget. All you need is planning, most beautiful decor accessories, and some hard work and coordination of each and every student. These day, selecting a theme for prom night is very easy.

You can visit many online stores for selecting exquisite theme for your prom night. There are many types of themes available like stars, Hollywood, Moonlight, under the sea and many more. Other important part of prom is Music. Music is a prom must-have because you can't dance without it. So, don' t forget to select a rocking DJ and Video Jockey for your rocking night.

Check out some beautiful deals:-

Disco Theme Decorations:

Groovy printed, one-sided, cardboard arch stands 11' 4" x 8' 6" wide x 1' deep. Your two lines of wording are printed on topper. Assembly is required. 8' high x 2' wide metal light stand is accented with black sequin stretch fabric covering for a great look. Accent stand with string lights, streamer, and more. Choose 12", 16" or 20" mirror balls to accent your Disco themed Homecoming event.

Disco Theme Decorations
Hollywood Extravaganza Kit:

12' high x 5' 6" wide sturdy black cardboard columns are accented with silver Shimmera. Personalize this 4' high x 4' wide metal clapboard with set of 70 included letters. Shiny 7' 6" high x 2' wide palm tree is made of heavy cardboard tubing, silver Mylar, a wooden base and felt leaves. Hang these shimmering metallic streamer columns for a glamorous decoration.

Hollywood Extravaganza Kit
Castle in the Clouds:

A grand entrance to your night among stars, this cardboard, and corrugate arch is 12' high x 6' wide x 1' deep and decorated on one side with stars and glitter. Printed cardboard bridge is 2' 6" high x 7' 4" wide and lined with silver metallic corrugated. A perfect entrance or photo op, this cardboard and corrugated arch is 10' high x 14' wide x 1' deep and printed on one side only.

Castle in the Clouds
Springtime in Paris Complete Theme Kit:

Lightweight 8' high x 2' diameter aluminum frame is covered with soft elastic fabric. Choose from a variety of colors. 5' 3" high x 1' 4 1/2" wide column has a bamboo and steel frame accented with tissue. White LED lights are woven into gauze to create a spectacular lighting display. Hangs from included metal rod. Measures 6' 6" high x 6' 3" wide. Black metal tower is 7' high x 2' 3" wide x 2' 3 1/4" deep with lights.

Springtime in Paris Complete Theme Kit
When Stars Collide Kit:

Decorate entrance to your event with this sturdy metal Celestial Balloon Arch. Each Celestial Balloon Arch is 10 ft. 3 in. long x 9 ft. 4 in. high x 1 ft. wide. Each Celestial Luminescent Column is metal and is accented with a celestial fabric covering for that special starry night look. Lightweight Modern Luminescent Column is 8 ft. high x 2 ft. diameter and is constructed of elastic fabric that covers a sturdy aluminum frame.

 When Stars Collide Kit
Forever In Time Complete Theme Kit:

Magnificent 8'6" high x 10' 4" wide x 1' deep metal arch is covered with new pink stretch material. Add gossamer, streamers, or garland to accent your entrance. 4' high x 4' wide aluminum frame is covered with a soft stretch fabric to create an elegant look. Each one-sided printed cardboard window measures 7' 4" high x 3' 8" wide. Lightweight 8' high x 2' diameter aluminum column is covered with soft elastic fabric.

Forever In Time Complete Theme Kit
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