Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unique Art Glass Vases: Bring classy touch to any room

Decorative flower vases are popular items in home decor. Flowers when displayed in beautiful vases can bring color and zest to any room. They can even change most drab room to fab room. Flower vases are available in various shapes and patterns and thus can make any area look elegant. There are various types of vases available these days such as glass vases, crystal vases and other flower vases made of ceramic and clay. Out of these, glass vases are best to bring a touch of class to any room. Although clear glass vases are perfect addition to home decor but if someone wants to add artistic touch to room then, Art glass vases are best.

Art glass vases are example of some of most beautiful works of art made out of glass. These vases are made in different styles, designs and shapes such as square, circle, cylinder, and many other unusual shapes. Thus, there are many options to choose from so, select according to your taste and theme of home decor. Art glass vases not only gives royal look to a room but can act as wonderful gift option as well. Yes, as they are available in so many shapes, one can choose heart shape vase and gift it to loved one.
Landscape Series Flat Vase Blue: This vase is hand blown using glass powders and chips for background. Flowers are glass murrini that are created by the artist. Murrini pieces are then put into floral compositions, sometimes known as millefiori, then picked up hot onto the glass background. After the murrini have been fused to the surface a layer of clear is added and the piece is blown into the final shape. The floral compositions shown will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the murrinis. Each side of the vase features its own floral composition, with two layers of flowers, adding to depth of piece.

Landscape Art glass Vase

Transparent Banded Vortex Vase: A flattened vase with 3 distinct bands, the middle being a swirl of colors, the top and bottom solid colors. This transparent vase will complement most of home decor themes.

Transparent Vortex art glass Vase

Atlantis Emperor Bowl: An abstract expressionist painting in glass inspired by underwater views, and reminiscent of Monet. A glass vessel blown off pipe, each piece is truly unique.

Atlantis Emperor glass vase

Optic Rib Flat Lime Turquoise Cranberry: Blown Glass with a multicolored, swirled, swagged and twisted pattern. Flattened profile fits neatly on narrow surfaces. This glass vase will add a touch of class to your room.

Optic art glass vase

Art glass vase can also be used as a centerpiece for table on any occasion. Thus, glass vase is a multipurpose item as it can be used in home decor, as a gift or a table centerpiece. So, buying art glass vases becomes must. Check out beautiful art glass vases from Artful Home store. Art glass vases dance in light, given form by careful talent of today's finest American artists. Explore an incredible selection of art glass vases and vessels, each the result of an artist's unique vision, at For a savvy online shopping make use of Artful Home coupon, available at