Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frightful Halloween decorations for Spooktacular day!

All of us are counting the days left in Halloween. It's going to be really fun with spooky Halloween costumes and frightful Halloween treats at Halloween party. Wait.. No Halloween is complete without spooky home decorations. So, if you haven't yet decorated your home then, it's time to go for Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations play an important role in setting proper creepy atmosphere for this spooktacular night.

Around Halloween, there are plenty of decor items available like ghosts, witches, zombies and creepy props such as Halloween skeletons, spider webs, door covers that feature bones and wicked monsters, scary wall hangings and any type of window and wall clings with realistic pictures of Halloween horror scenes. Creepy candles can also be used to create that required Halloween atmosphere. Spooky candle holders topped by skulls with some short, fat candles on top or candle holders made to resemble witch's hand are must-have to set up the theme for Halloween party. Hanging skulls, light-up Halloween signs, scarecrows and other scary hangings and eerie centerpieces all add to the effect of spookiness.

Light-up Halloween Signs: These Halloween signs are great for windows and ideal for placing in a protected area by door. These haunting wooden signs light up and light changes color as if by magic.

Lighted Halloween Signs

Hanging Skull Cauldron: Turn your home into a dungeon sure to send shivers up the spines of unsuspecting treaters and ghoulish guests. This 3-sided hanging skull bowl is made of molded styrofoam and lined with black felt.
Hanging Skull Cauldron

Witch's Handleabra: This decorator accent rates a high creep factor scale. Ceramic witch's hand is missing 4 of her fingers, which you'll replace with 4 finger-shaped candles that "bleed" red and green wax as they burn. Each candle is tipped with a long, black fingernail and rests solidly in a brass candle cup.
halloween candle holder

Wicked Witch with Light-Up Eyes: At almost 6-ft. tall, she's a fright to behold, from tip of burlap hat to hem of tattered gauze gown. This witch has incredibly detailed PVC head and hands, LED eyes that glow bright red.
Wicked Witch Light-Up Eyes

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