Monday, December 13, 2010

Artist-made Mirror: Artful home decor item

Mirrors are an integral part of home decor as they help in enhancing interior of rooms especially smaller rooms. Large decorative mirrors can do wonders for a small living space. They reflect light and colors, making a room appear larger and much more spacious. The area of room decorated with mirror becomes center of attraction. Thus, mirror is a home accent with both functional as well as decorative use.

Mirrors have been used for centuries to enhance home decor and with the passage of time, they have seen a tremendous change in designs and styles. These days, decorative wall mirrors are available that will enhance the beauty of any modernized home. If you're an artistic kind of person and want to accent your room with some artful mirrors, then you can do this with Artist-made mirrors. Yes, these days, there are lots of artists indulging in making home mirrors that help to enhance home decor in an artistic way. These home made mirrors are known for depicting the true side of person.

Artist-made mirrors reflect much more than an image. They contain the vision and creativity of an artist. These home made mirrors are available in glass, wood, metal, or ceramic. Like paintings, artist made mirrors reflect different themes reprsenting nature, love, flowers, trees, animals, abstract designs and other whimsical patterns.

Let's have a look at some beautiful hand made mirrors:

Trinity Art Glass Mirror: Fused glass mirror made of translucent glass and colored design elements. 

Trinity Art Glass Mirror

TerracedOne Art Glass Mirror: Hand cut glass pieces are precisely assembled in two layers to create this exquisite glass mosaic. The wavy edges of sheets of hand rolled glass are used to finish mosaics top layer, giving unique character to each framed work.
TerracedOne Art Glass Mirror

Mirror number 5: Dan Pohl's turned spindles, set in an array of jewel colors, compose unique frame around this mirror. The frames are made of layered clear white pine, carved, with hand-turned spindles of poplar, painted, stained and fantasy grained. Frame can be hung vertically or horizontally.
artist made Mirror

Pop Art Mirror: Recycled soda cans, hand-cut and nailed to a wooden frame, get a new start in this sparkling mirror.
Pop Art Mirror

These art pieces make a wonderful home decor item. So, if you're looking to revitalize home decor then, do it with these beautiful hand made mirrors. These mirrors will surely give that artistic touch to home.

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