Monday, January 31, 2011

Enhance home decor with beautiful Art Glass Sculptures!

If sophistication and class is what you are searching for to decorate your home, then art glass sculptures are the best choice. Art glass sculptures are elegant and brighten up home decor. Glass art sculpture is best way to enhance any type of decor as it fills home with a unique style and charm that nothing else can do. These make excellent centerpieces and mantel displays that can be used to decorate any room of the house.

If you like art glass or love painting, then you'll definitely like to add this unique item to your home decor. Art glass sculptures can be a great gift, art piece or decor item for your home or office. Art glass sculptures are made of clear glass with lots of designs, shapes and patterns. Some popular types of glass sculpture include blown glass, cast glass and cold worked glass. Whatever way the glass sculpture is crafted, one thing is sure that it will add a class touch to your room.

Check out some hot picks from ArtfulHome:

Peacock Sculpture:
Part of the artist's "Birds" series, this sculpture is blown using switched axis incalmo, hot sculpted with steel and granite base. Each is unique. Colors and pattern will vary slightly from image shown. 

Peacock Sculpture

Standing Gold Ruby Sculpture:
Hand formed gold ruby sculptural paperweight with minute bubbles nestled on a layer of silver glass and cased in clear.
Standing Gold Ruby Sculpture

3 Cup Serpenti:
Warm colors mix in these blown glass incalmo sculptures, part of artist's "Serpenti" series, that rise over three feet high. Each unique, height will range from 39-45"H.
3 Cup Serpenti

Art glass sculptures are modern and beautiful pieces for home decor that are sure to steal your heart away in a price range that you can afford. For affordable art glass sculptures head over to ArtfulHome. Store carries a huge collection of art glass decor items that are hand-crafted by renowned artists from around the world. While shopping from this store don't forget to check out ArtfulHome coupon, available at for savvy shopping.