Saturday, December 5, 2009

Classic Widescreen LCD monitor for a perfect view

LCD market is highly competitive and commoditization has driven prices down. One of the most commercially feasible and profitable options is thin client paradigm, which has a PC embedded within LCD display. Modern LCD-screens are made in various designs – from high-tech to classic. Not to worry about color, as there are not many options just black or silver, or combination of these colors.

HP offers a wide variety of widescreen LCD monitors. Have a look:

Compaq Q2159 21.5" Diagonal Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor: Broaden your view for work and play at an outstanding value price. Enjoy surfing Web1, plus easily manage e-mail and do homework, on our Compaq Q2159 21.5", diagonal full HD widescreen LCD monitor. Get more room for Web pages, calendars, and homework with 16:9 aspect ratio, display two Windows at once with 21.5" widescreen LCD, get crisp, lifelike detail and brilliant color with full HD movies; make your full HD viewing more immersive with widescreen format. Its list price is $199.99. But you can get this LCD monitor for $169.99 by saving $30.

HP 2009m 20" Diagonal HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor: Spacious screen with high-resolution picture quality and total flexibility. Check out our 2009m 20" HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor. It boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio to greatly enhance both your computing and entertainment, and it lets you capture movies in their original format. Get optimal widescreen viewing with the 16:9 aspect ratio, expand your view to include more room for Web pages2 wide documents, and on-line games with 20" diagonal widescreen LCD, optimize display for movies, photos, or on-line games with one of the Quick View modes. Original price of this LCD monitor is $199.99, but by saving $40 you can get it for $159.99.

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