Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modern classic teakettle for a healthy tea!!

An ounce or two of skim milk add up to a conveniently steaming cup of tea while keeping a small crowd around a dining table. Teas are also flavored to add in on genially tinge of taste making it even more flavorful. A tea kettle will just be great to work out hotness, flavor and aroma for your tea. Tea kettles are nice pieces that won't take too much space in your dining tables or kitchen counters.

Handles provide easy lifts that can be cuff linked, in close attachments or simply hanging like loose, or bent forward or inwardly. They are simply lovable miniature pieces of cookware that create a pleasant smile for a tea drinker.

KitchenAid 2 qt Teakettle, Red: This 2-Qt. teakettle features a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle. Handle is made of stainless steel accented with color-coordinated soft silicone rubber. Kettle whistles when water comes to a boil and has a removable lid for easy cleaning and filling. Attractive and fashion savvy colored enamel exterior is durable and easy to clean. Durable stainless steel accented with soft silicone rubber form comfortable handles with a confident grip
Durable whistle signals when water is at a boil. Perfect complement to your kitchen aid cookware collection. Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty for reliability. Selling price of this tea kettle at Linens-N-Things is $54.95.

KitchenAid 2 qt Curling Teakettle, Blue: This 2Qt. teakettle features a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle. Kettle features a convenient squeeze and pour handle. Whistle is loud and clear to alert you when water comes to a boil and has a removable lid for easy cleaning and filling. A stylish handle offers a secure and sturdy grip. Innovative design of this teakettle places spout lever right in palm of your hand for a quick and easy pour. Richly colored porcelain enamel exterior allows you to add a splash of color to your kitchen and is easy to clean. Its selling price is $32.95.

Le Creuset Classic 1 qt Teapot, Caribbean Blue: This charming teapot brews perfect cup of morning or afternoon tea, keeps it hot, and commands a bold presence on your table. Durable stoneware material resists chipping, scratching, and staining. Le Creuset teapot is a wonderful gift to give or receive. Classic style and exceptional quality ensure its lasting appeal. This charming 4-cup teapot is a wonderful gift to give or receive. Non-porous material resists stains, cracks and chips and does not absorb odors and flavors, durable enough for microwave and dishwasher, even freezer, surface is easy to clean and scratch resistant, dishwasher safe. Selling price of this classic teapot is $53.95.

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